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Video: "Meine Schuppenflechte ist weg, meine Haare kommen wieder" | Good Feeling Products Erfahrungsbericht

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Thorsten Schmidt is a hairdresser and has been managing his own hair salon in Mallorca for 20 years. The most severe whole body psoriasis shaped the life of the talented hairdresser for years. But that was not all. Even at a young age, the German emigrant’s hair fell off. A heavy blow that seemed even worse when considering his chosen profession as a passionate barber. For years, Thorsten Schmidt (48) tried numerous methods to bring his beloved hair back to him – nothing worked! The fight against his hair loss and the painful psoriasis proved to be more and more hopeless, the 48-year-old now slowly came to terms with his health condition and that he probably would never style his own hair again. He did not seem to have much of a choice but to embrace the bald look. Then, 10 years ago, the turning point in Thorsten’s life: One of his clients told him about her experience with Good Feeling Products and recommended he try the products. Shortly thereafter, Thorsten bought Good Feeling Power® for the first time – full of skepticism, after all, he had already tried everything and nothing helped. On the advice of his customer, he tried it. A short time later, the master hairdresser noticed a significant improvement in his general well-being, he quickly became more efficient, built muscle and his psoriasis was suddenly better. The rapid improvements of his condition inspired him and made him a consummate GFP customer. His psoriasis all but disappeared and Thorsten’s quality of life steadily improved. The stubborn and painful psoriasis on his scalp also disappeared. When Good Feeling Products launched the hair restorer Million (H) air®, Thorsten Schmidt naturally started using it on himself, as well as on his clients suffering from hair loss. Thorsten, amongst other things, tells us what results he has already achieved personally and what successes his customers are celebrating in this interview.
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