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Video: Rheuma adé! | Mein Weg zur besseren Lebensqualität + Erfahrungsbericht zu Schuppenflechte + Mehr

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Heavy rheumatism was just one of the health problems Peter Soldan (75) had been dealing with for years. Since 1996, today’s pensioner goes through life without a stomach – the diagnosis at the time: Aggressive stomach cancer. This diagnosis was followed by a total removal of his stomach, which at the time saved the Hamburg-native but made life much more difficult for him. One of the consequences was a dramatic weight loss, weighing in at times a mere 48 kg for his 1.80 m frame. In addition to the fear that the cancer could return in another form, the 75-year-old now suffered from inner turmoil. The otherwise active man, now had to get used to his peaceful pension existence, and the limitations imposed by his own body, sucking the fun out of the life shared with his wife. Health ailments such as bad psoriasis also plagued his wife. The life of the retired couple wasn’t carefree for a long time. Restaurant visits and many other recreational activities were simply no longer possible. In this video, Peter Soldan (75) talks about his interesting life, how his rheumatism has greatly diminished, and how he and his wife managed to regain 100% of their quality of life.

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