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Hello My name is Alena, I am 32 and I am from Germany. I have long thought abou…

Hello 😊 My name is Alena, I am 32 and I am from Germany. I have long thought about whether I want to share my skin story with you. Since it helps me myself to see that I am not alone with this disease, I decided to make it public. Maybe we can support each other and profit from our experiences.

So here goes: I was first diagnosed with Psoriasis Vulgaris in the summer of 2018. In the years before, I already had a small reddening, scaling area on my leg, but then I was always told it was just eczema and prescribed a light cortisone cream. In 2018, the extent of the psoriasis was limited. Other than a spot on my left shin and scaly areas in my ears, my skin was fine. So I didn’t concern myself any further with the issue. Shortly after diagnosis, I became pregnant for the first time and the skin worsened a bit, but it was still manageable. In the summer of 2019 while breastfeeding, I was tormented by itching, so I would often scratch the spots on my shins at night. By now, there were several spots. I was given a cream with vitamin D and cortisone, which helped well at first. The itching subsided and the spots faded. However, only as long as I used the cream daily.

In the summer of 2020, I became pregnant again and my psoriasis worsened on what felt like a daily basis. On my legs, feet and arms there were always new, constantly enlarging foci, until I presented myself as an outpatient in a skin clinic in the fall. They were not able to help me much, because the usual medications were not suitable for pregnant women. I was prescribed a weaker and a stronger cortisone cream. I was told that I could only be helped properly after the breastfeeding period. This statement was very disappointing to me. I knew there would be months of pregnancy ahead of me and I wanted to breastfeed my second child again, as this is what is best for a child.

At this point I would like to start sharing my journey with you. If you have any tips for pregnant or breastfeeding women, I would love for you to share them with me and the others in the comments 😊


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