Video: सोरायसिस पेशेंट हुआ दो महीनो मे ठीक | Psoriasis Patient Testimonial

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In this video, Dr. Megha Chaturvedi will tell about a patient who was cured of psoriasis within one or two months.

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The patient suffering from psoriasis was cured within 2 months with the help of our medications and diet. Psoriasis is a disorder that does not spread through touch. Psoriasis can be cured and is normal.
Treatment through steroids and injections only suppresses the disorder and may aggravate again into the skin. They also adversely affect our joints, kidneys, and liver. Ayurvedic treatment does not have any side effects and does not cause any harm to the body.

Reasons that can lead psoriasis to reverse includes:
– Colitis
-Any antibiotics or steroids consumed after having surgery, may increase the risk of psoriasis reverse.
-Follow a prescribed and healthy diet. Avoid allergic foods.
-Take proper care of the body.
-Avoid taking stress.
-Do not include alcohol and tobacco in your lifestyle.
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