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Psoriasis is a type of skin condition that can affect any type of the body. There are different types of Psoriasis, depending on the clinical presentation. One of the types of Psoriasis, is also called as Palmoplantar Psoriasis which affects the hands and the feet. So sometimes Palmoplantar Psoriasis can be associated with Psoriasis Vulgaris, or generalized Psoriasis present over the entire body but most of the times it is isolated to hands and feet. In some people it may be present only on hands or only on feet, in the early stage. So the symptoms they some is there is hardening of skin, there is deep cracks with cuts and bleeding itching may or may not be pronounced there are certain other allergies due to detergents Hand sanitizers, but it is similar to Psoriasis of the hands and feet. So clinical dermatologists will be able to differentiate between hand eczema, foot eczema and a Psoriasis and also they need to do a non invasive test called as dermatoscopy, where polarized light device which is like a microscope that can see below the layers of the skin is used to help in the diagnosis. In some cases where the diagnosis is difficult, then we are suspecting a fungal infection or may do a test to rule out fungal infection or do a test called as biopsy. So this is how we come to a diagnosis but most of the times 99% of the times clinical diagnosis is sufficient, we treat it based on the severity and on the entire hands and feet, we may require immunomodulators. If it is a small patch or patches some ointments or creams. So Psoriasis is a long term chronic problem and it should be treated similar to any chronic problems like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes,hypertension.

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