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Phototherapy, which is the use of light to treat skin disease, is safe and effective with minimal side effects when compared to alternative steroid, systemic and biologic therapies.  Phototherapy is considered the first line of treatment for many patients, including children and pregnant woman.  The most common side effect of phototherapy is transient erythema, which is generally mild and resolves quickly.  Daavlin offers many different types of phototherapy devices, all of which are FDA cleared, ranging from full-body cabinets like the NeoLux to small hand-held or tabletop devices such as the DermaPal or 1 Series.  Daavlin can help you select the right unit based on anticipated use, available space and your long-term goals.  Treatments should be administered 2-3 times per week; both in-office and home based treatments are typically reimbursed by private insurance companies and Medicare alike.  

Daavlin phototherapy devices are used to treat psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema/ atopic dermatitis and other photoresponsive skin diseases.  To learn more about Daavlin phototherapy, visit:

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