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Video: Endless Skin peeling 乾癬 [Psoriasis, Peel, Scrape] 银屑病 건선 Schuppenflechte Psoriasi かんせん【閲覧注意】

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Psoriasis is a disease in which the skin regenerates at an abnormal rate. The skin peels off more and more, and itching is accompanied. This is a video of the skin being removed after the reproduction is over.


This video does not contain any expressions such as violence or abuse. Skin that becomes keratinized and peels off due to metabolic disorders is accompanied by extreme itching. I am taking a picture of the skin being peeled off by a knowledgeable partner at the request of the person.


This video is a video that keeps taking the skin peeling off. Some people may find the sound of skin peeling and the appearance pleasant. Please use it for relaxation.


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