Video: Full Day Diet Chart for Psoriasis

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In this video, Dr. Himanshu Dhawan will tell you diet for psoriasis.

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Diet plays an important role. Psoriasis can be managed by reforming the diet.
— Dairy products should be avoided
— Avoid salt as it leads to itching
— Avoid citrus fruits as it promotes itching, redness, and inflammation
— Drink lukewarm water in morning
— Include Poha, Daliya, Oats, and Bread Butter in your breakfast
— Papaya and banana(avoid if constipation)
— In mid-day take an apple
— In lunch Dal roti and Dal rice can be preferred. Avoid rice if it causes constipation
— Avoid Non-veg
— Take butter milk without salt
— All green vegetables can be consumed except brinjal
— In mid-day you can have wheat momos without chutney
— Avoid drinking alcohol
— In Dinner avoid rice prefer chappati instead
— Use rock salt rather than sea salt
— You can drink turmeric milk at night if you want as it improves digestive system


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