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Psoriasis is one autoimmune disorder where the immune system is the main component of producing the disease. Though psoriasis is expressed as a skin disease, the root cause is immune system. So our body has immune system that protects us form any kind of bacteria that comes in our body. So immune system has a definite identification factor to differentiate between self and non self to protect our body from any bacteria or virus. If the immune system starts attacking our own cells. So in psoriasis immune system attacks our skin and its cells. The skin production is faster than its shedding. So you can see the skin in grey scale or patches. It can be anywhere in the body. It may not be related to any one part of the body. The definite cause of psoriasis is not known. But rather than looking at a single causative factor, it includes a multifactorial disease. So there are various factors causing the initiation of psoriasis. It can be genetics, climatic changes, trauma, infections or due to psychological factors. There are various that can influence the disease. Generally the symptoms of psoriasis are white or silvery scales in psoriasis. There are other types of psoriasis where the symptoms are very mild.
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