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HOW TO GET RID OF SCALP PSORIASIS FOR GOOD! ! what shampoo and conditioner should you use, when you have psoriasis you’re dealing with an internal autoimmune condition.

that is basically representing itself on the outside so you really should be dealing with it internally rather than just trying to treat the symptom externally so the first thing that you should do is actually take vitamin d 3.

vitamin d 3 is actually clinically proven to over time make sure that once it’s at optimal level reduce your chance of actually having scalp psoriasis additionally if you are trying to subdue it immediately then use something that’s gonna be therapeutic on the top of your scalp that either has zinc colonate.

or it has edoconazole or neem oil in a shampoo form and when you’re shampooing you wanna thoroughly massage the shampoo into your scalp let it sit and then lean back and rinse and use a therapeutic conditioner again the internal autoimmune condition should be dealt with internally and thus you’ll have a better long term outcome rather than just trying to treat it in topically.

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