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If you’re one of the millions of people suffering from psoriasis, you know how frustrating it can be to find relief. But did you know that a simple juice made from mango, carrots, turmeric, and ginger could ease your symptoms?

1 Mango6-7 Carrots1 inch piece Turmeric1 inch piece Ginger

Mangoes contain antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation.
Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which can help improve skin health.
Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that could help reduce psoriasis-related inflammation.
Ginger is known for its immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.

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To make this juice, simply juice one ripe mango, six to seven carrots, a thumb-sized piece of fresh turmeric, and a thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger. Add water or coconut water to thin, if desired. Drink this juice daily or as often as you like for relief from psoriasis symptoms.

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