Video: Psoriasis Diet – For 2020

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My name is Mohammed Khan. I have psoriasis and have suffered from anxiety, depression, and anxiety and on this channel, I share videos that can help you feel your best in ways that have helped me. If you like what you see, it would mean a lot to me if you can hit the like button and subscribe if you are new. This will help the YouTube algorithm push my videos so that it can help other souls who may benefit from the content on this channel. Thanks.

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❗I am NOT a doctor or a dermatologist! I am just a guy who has psoriasis and is sharing his journey in the hope I can help others along the way. Every tip or advice I share on my channel across my videos is entirely experience-based as well as through my own research I try different things that may or may not work to improve my psoriasis condition, NATURALLY!

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