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Listen to your body when it’s showing you signs and act early before your case gets more extreme.

Do your research on products and medicine before just jumping in. Learn about your body and note when you have a reaction to something. Steroids, injections and anti biotics only suppress the issue and can weaken your immune making it harder to repair and heal.

For psoriasis and eczema look into DIET and natural products to heal!

Foods and irritants could be causing immune or digestion issues and resulting in skin flares include: Dairy, processed foods, sugar, nightshades, gluten, eggs, wheat, artificial sweeteners, pork or red meats, MSG, canola oil, alcohol, caffeine and smoking as well as toxins that surround us or we put on our skill.

Many foods have chemicals sprayed on them or have been genetically modified these days and some others foods are hard for our bodies to break down or digest and cause inflammation or digestive issues and this is when psoriasis thrives.

Remember its different for everybody! It takes time and patience but being psoriasis free, happy and healthy is so much more important than making a few sacrifices here and there. Think about the importance of your quality of life!


– Try juices or smoothies to get more greens and to help with hydration for example it could be a combo of some of these: kale, spinach, apple, celery, cucumber, avocado, lemon.

– Look up an all natural body scrub and even shampoo/conditioner. I’ve used one by ASTURA its 100% pure dead sea salt. I have also used organic coconut oil on my skin to moisturize and soothe.

Please look up @mygoodnessrecipes and even @medicalmedium to learn more about what to avoid and why, as well as what to implement to start healing!

Please share the link to anyone this might help and stay tuned for future episodes where I dive more deeply into certain topics alongside professionals.

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