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Skin Problem Solution in Tamil |தோல் நோய் குணமாக | Psoriasis Treatment in Tamil | Shriya Health Care
Skin Problem Solution in Tamil (Psoriasis )

In this video, we are going to see a permanent solution for chronic skin problems and psoriasis. The main reason for the progression of skin diseases is due to the usage of heavy steroids. The root cause of the disease is not analysed properly and was prescribed with excessive tablets. So we are going to see the reason for all skin problem and complete home remedies for diseases in Tamil.

Skin wounds are very difficult to face and cure. So we give confidence to the patient’s skin allergy in Tamil by sharing a successful case history. You can watch it from the video. The reason for the recovery of the patient is only because of corrected food habits. There is no one single medicine or a single doctor to cure psoriasis it is possible only through learning and correcting the mistakes(skin allergy treatment at home Tamil).

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Reason for all skin problems( thol noigal):

All skin problems( thol noi nattu maruthuvam) are due to manifestations of suppressed cold inside the body. You can name the skin diseases ( thol ni patti vaithiyam) as follows


2. Eczema




6.Skin cancer


8.Ring worms



Fungal infection treatment in tamil

The reason for all these problems (thol noi iyyarkai vaithiyam) is due to accumulation of waste inside the organs and no disease may be an autoimmune disorder body will never work against oneself.

Live case study of thol noi pirachanai:தோல் நோய்கள்

We have shown a case study of a psoriasis patient (skin disease treatment in Tamil) who is been affected more than 20 years in the video. Also, we are showing his routine food habits as given by him as follows:

1. Egg and mutton

2.Beef and pork

3.Peanut burfee

4.Badam milk

5.Rose milk

6.Cooker rice

7.Intake of raw rice

8.Wheat dosa

9.Ravai upma


11. seafood

12. carrot and beetroot juice.

13. potato chips

14. oil fried items

So more usage of the above food items turned as a reason for the severity of the disease.

We are explaining in the video why a skin patient should not take the above food items.. So bacteria and virus help to decompose the waste inside the body. But we name it as infection and proceeding with steroids.

Solution for skin problems: (Siddha treatment for skin disease)

5 step process to heal the skin ulcers.

We are showing the identity of symptoms through the patient inner foot you can see from the video and no disease can trigger as an autoimmune disorder so all fungal, bacterial and viral infection (sori, sirangu nattu maruthuvam, தோல் நோய் குணமாக,) is only due to presence of some bacteria’s which decomposes our waste inside the body which is essential for recovery(arippu neenga Tamil).

Skin problem and skin disease in Tamil

5 step diet process:

1.Probiotic food: mapillai samba, ragi and samai. grind the flour cook for 25 mins in a mud pot. After it gets cooled down soak in water overnight atleast 10 hrs. Can take up to one litre to filter the cold in the body.

2.Psoriasis skin care legium (psoriasis nattu maruthuvam)

grind the following ingredients

palm jaggery as per need,

kismis grapes- 50 grams

nilavagai- 50 gms

roja pwder- 2 tablespoons

kuppaimeni powder- 2 table spoon (kuppaimeni uses in tamil fr skin problems)

vepillai powder- 2 spoons.

Honey and ghee

Prepare as shown in the video take ane amla size twice or thrice a day. It will bring out green, black colour stools out of the body.

3. Aripu powder(itching problem treatment in tamil):

Sirukurinjan- 50 gms

Aduthina pallai – 50 gm

Sirianangai- 50 gms

Mix all together and take one spoon with buttermilk.

For behaviour changes: watch the video.

4. Turmeric stomach washes: mix turmeric powder a pinch with 5 spoon castor oil and take as stomach wash weekly once.

5.Fresh juices: consume the following blood disease treatment in Tamil.

Fresh pineapple juice

Fresh curry leaves juice

Fresh aloe vera juice

Fresh nattu madulai juice

Fresh sembaruthi juice

External skin applications for varicose ulcer:

1. Vetpallai thailam

2.Maruthani, malligai poo, turmeric, vepaillai paste

3. Nethiram poondu thailam.

Treatment for pimples in Tamil |home remedy |Skin problems|முகப்பரு மற்றும் தீராத தோல் வியாதியா?

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